April 17

Come to Me this morning, My love.  Come into My presence and let Me enter your heart.  Let Me show you things that you have not seen before, things which will gladden your soul.

I was with you before you were born.  I saw you in your mother’s womb.  I wove you together with My fingers and when you were born, I rejoiced at the tiny wisps of your hair, the shape of your body, your fingers and toes.  And I was pleased.

You have been through so much in your life.  Yet I have always been with you.  Just as I formed your body in love, I stood beside you in your pain and fear.  I have also stood beside you in times of happiness.  How My heart quickened at the joy you felt, and how heavy it was when you were in pain.

You didn’t know that there were times that I picked you up and carried you Myself, and when you awoke, you didn’t know that I was right beside you….always.

To understand that kind of love more completely, open the Bible and read about how I gave My Son to die for you, so that one day we may see each other face to face and you will know, you will see, and you will feel My arms around you.

You can’t comprehend that kind of love yet on this earth.  But close your eyes and listen to My Spirit, and sense it…….. for I have put it in your soul.

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