April 29

Look at the beauty of nature all around you.  It is the closest revelation of Me.  

Do you live in a concrete jungle with little visible sign of Me?  Take time to travel to the beauty of a hillside or park where lush grass grows and tiny flowers bud, where birds sing and where squirrels run happily to and fro.

I created these things.  Spend time there, and appreciate the wonder of creation as you study the trees and flowers.  You will feel My presence close to you, a slight wind like My breath on your skin.

If it is not possible to spend time in nature, close your eyes and call out My name, for My promise that I will never leave you, no matter where you are, is very real.  

While easier to sense Me in the glory of My creation, I will draw near to you no matter where you are.  Just call out My name. 


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