May 15

You are hurting inside, dear one. Although you try to hide it, I sense it.  Not many others know about how you feel, but the One Who loves you does.    

I know when you get frightened in the middle of the night, when you feel all alone in the middle of a crowd.  I know when you face what seems to be unconquerable odds, either with your health, or your finances, or a personal relationship that is very important to you.

You carry so much of the burden in your being.  Come and lay it at My altar.  My altar is covered with complete perfect love, forgiveness, and strength.  You have access to it at any time.  What once seemed impossible is now possible with Me at your side.

I am asking you to open up your heart and your soul to receive My presence.   This healing touch is vital to your overall health and happiness.  Only by truly laying your pains and burdens down can you experience true peace.

Search your heart today.  


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