June 24

I long to speak to you in the quiet moments.  Did you leave the busyness of your life yesterday to come apart and commune with Me?  You would have drawn so much strength from it if you did. 

Today, put one foot in front of the other and just plow ahead.  I have a special task for you that only you will know of.  If you allow Me to guide you, I can fulfill a ministry in you just by your daily walk.  Others will be blessed.

So much I want to tell you is in My written Word.  The Bible is your guide to live a complete life with Me.  Stories of how I led the Israelites, of how I led Paul, and personal promises to you of how I will lead you.  

These are hints of the closeness I long to have with you.

Carry it with you when possible to read words directly from Me to you.  Let it warm your very being.

Then close your eyes, and think of Me, for the very same God of the Bible is right beside you, longing to love you.

Just put one foot in front of the other.  This will be a great day!!


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