August 31

Oh, how beautiful the morning of your soul!  The sweet urgings of My presence that come to you when you first wake up.

Listen to them, dear one.  

Talk to Me before you get out of bed.  Give your day over to Me, your plans over to Me, so that we will face each and every challenge together, in My perfect plan.

What is the perfect plan?  Your daily walk with Me, letting Me lead you through life.  Living in Me will lead to joy you have not felt before….the joy of perfect love surrounding you always.  

Yes, you will slip, but I will be there to catch you.  I am always near. 

Face today with courage, dear one.  I have so much in store for you!!


2 thoughts on “August 31

  1. Christina Krauss told me this one today: “When the turbulence is great, when your troubles seem so heavy, call out My Name. A shaft of light will pierce your being and I will dwell in you.”

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