November 25

Dear child, you are precious to Me today, and every day. I formed you out of the earth. I knew of your existence before the foundation of the world, and I have a plan for you.

I didn’t say it would be easy, otherwise, you would not appreciate it.

Today is a day of thanksgiving. Bless those around you.I am there with you, never forget.  Never forget.

When you get tired and weary, think of Me. Come apart and bow your knee. I will fill you with great peace because of our communion together. My greatest joy is our communion together.

Now go in peace. I am walking beside you and I love you. You are precious to Me. I will not let you go.

Picture yourself as a small child walking along the beach holding the hand of a very large man, your father. That is how I am with you.  

Just look up. I will smile down at you and keep you safe always. It’s all about trust. 

I have in My hands the key to all your problems. I hear you and I know you. I will answer them all. 

Just trust in Me, only in Me. Throw your cares on the ground, at My feet. You will never regret it.  

And go, smile, and have a happy day, full of thanksgiving for all I have blessed you with!

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