July 31

Rise up, My love, and take this day by the hand. It will be a day in which you grow one  step closer to Me. That is all you need.

Whatever loneliness or pain you feel will ease when you spend time with Me. I am the answer to ALL life’s situations. Only enfolded in My loving arms can you find true happiness and release.

Try it now. Close your eyes and envision Me, and know, really know, that I am beside you, loving you and watching over your every step you take, like a father earnestly  watching his toddler. I am so pleased when you take the right steps, so sad when you wander away from Me.

Because of Jesus’ death on the cross, when you return to Me, I am able to forget the pain and sadness I felt, and enfold you into My arms again.  

The price for sin has been paid and it is a special day when we start over together!

Psalms 109:30-31 The Passion Translation

“But I will give my thanks to You over and over, and everyone will hear my lavish praises. For You stand right next to the broken ones as their saving hero to rescue them from all their accusers!”

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