August 06

Today, sensing My presence will be an assurance that I am with you, and that I will take care of you. Reading stories from the Bible about how I led others will encourage you, dear one, to trust in Me, knowing full well that anything and everything is possible.

Still your soul with that knowledge.

The answer you seek, the provision you ask for, may come in different ways than you had envisioned. You must trust that I know what you really need better than you do, and I will provide it.

Like the shepherd out with his flock, guiding and caring for each one of his sheep, I know exactly where I want you to be. Things might seem murky in your eyes, but not in Mine.  

You are where you are now for a purpose.

So just relax in the arms of your Savior, and remember the carefree birds who flit about happily knowing that I will always take care of them.

Psalms 57:1-3 The Passion Translation:

“Please, God, show me mercy! Open Your grace-fountain for me, for You are my soul’s true shelter. I will hide beneath the shadow of Your embrace, under the wings of Your cherubim, until this terrible trouble is past. I will cry out to You, the God of the highest heaven, the mighty God, who performs all these wonders for me. From heaven He will send a father’s help to save me. He will trample down those who trample me. He will always show me love by His gracious and constant care.”

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