November 03

All heaven is watching you today. You cannot hide in even the darkest places because darkness is as light to Me.

Do you feel like running and hiding at times? Run, perhaps from the world, but never hide from Me, dear one. When you find your quiet place and time, call out My name, and all heaven stands ready to help you.

No prayer is ever unanswered or unheard. Because I am wisdom, power and love, I know how and when to answer your soul’s deep cries.

Trust in Me, now and always. Trust in Me.

There are no more potent words to your health, happiness and future than these, for when you do, you lay your life in My hands, knowing I am beside you, loving and caring for your every move today, and in the future.

Long for someone to come and take your problems away? To swoop down and calm all your fears?

It is I, beloved. I ask you daily to let Me do this for you.  

Trust in Me. Trust in Me.

Psalms 9:10, The Passion Translation:

“For everyone who knows Your wonderful name keeps putting their trust in You. They can count on You for help no matter what. O Lord, You will never, no never, neglect those who come to You.”

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