November 05

Each morning you spend time with Me, you will receive a blessing, a blessing of My covering over you throughout the day. A covering of love and grace.  

Being filled with that love and grace is a sign of My everlasting promise to always be with you.

Are you nervous about something today? Perhaps something that you don’t feel you are strong enough to do?

If I have impressed you that you need to do this thing, My covering of grace and love will carry you through. Together we can do so much more than you can even imagine!

One day, when we look back together over the road of your life, you will see how I was always with you, helping you…..when you let Me.

Establishing our connection first thing in the morning will give you that strength, and as you read this, we have it now, don’t we?  

Just ask. I am there.

2 Thessalonians 2:13, The Passion Translation:

“We always have to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, for you are dearly loved by the Lord. He proved it by choosing you from the beginning for salvation through the Spirit, who set you apart for holiness, and through your belief in the truth.”

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