October 20

The Lover of your soul is here beside you this morning, tenderly watching over you.

Are you troubled about something? Do you need answers?  

In My written word, James 1:5, I promised to provide that wisdom for you. Just ask Me. I am waiting to give it to you liberally.

You don’t need to wander through life wondering if you are doing the right thing, if this is where I want you to be. Ask for My guidance and presence. You will receive it.

Face this day with joy and peace. Let it fill your soul until it bubbles over to those who don’t know Me. Unknowingly, you will be a beacon of light and help to them. They will see Me through who you are.

When you can’t sense My presence with you, call out My name and the sweetness of My love will fill your soul.  

I am your lifeline, beloved. Keep Me with you always.

October 19

I am close beside you now, dear one, so close that I could enfold you in My arms forever. 

I feel the whisper of your breath.

Remember these moments between us when you feel alone, when you feel like there is no hope or that it is just you facing the world.

I am this close to you always. Just call out My name and all Heaven is at your command. Sin will flee from the Holiness of My presence.

Let loneliness be in your past as you seek a closer walk with Me. Let Me fill your empty moments with the joy of the Gift I gave to you on Calvary, and through it, the knowledge of your salvation.

Come close to Me now and let Me comfort you with this knowledge. There is no greater love, My child.  

Let your soul be permeated with the lightness of My being.  I AM LOVE, now and forevermore.

October 18

Never feel that you are insignificant in this world. You are a very important part of My plan.  Although you are unaware of it most of the time, everything you do is watched by others.  They pay attention and are blessed by your presence and by your actions.

When you stay close to Me and listen to My urgings, I can make you more sensitive to how others are feeling; of their needs, so you can reach out and help them. This has happened often, and you were not aware that it was I who encouraged you.

I also use you to put your arms around people longing for human touch. There are so many lonely people who don’t know Me, and even if they do, they don’t know that if they take time to help others, their loneliness will disappear.

This life can be very rewarding, dear child, when you walk with Me. I have just the right plan for you if you will let Me lead you to it.  

Just put your hand in Mine.  Now and always.

October 17

Even now I feel the hesitation in your soul as I reach out to you. Why do you resist My love? Why do you put your trust in the things of this world?

When you do, you are putting yourself in the hands of the devil. He is always waiting, and he is oh, so subtle. He comes with worries, money problems, sexual suggestions, fighting, arguing, depression. If your eyes are not focused on Me, he has the ability to drag you away.

Stay focused on Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Let Me surround you with My love and light. The brightness of My being will comfort you. 

Let Me take your hand and guide you through time and space to dwell with Me. Don’t ever look down!

All day long, when the devil taunts you with discouragement and failure, keep your eyes on Me. Call out My name and step back into My light, for I am always with you, always taking care of you, always loving you.

Look up, beloved, to the lightness of My being.

October 16

How lovely it is when I hear you laugh, dear one!  Just as it is a parent’s joy to hear their children’s laughter, I, too, love to see you happy.  

True happiness comes from growth in Me, in faith and trust, in the total letting go and ridding yourself of the cares and toils of this world.

When Jesus was on earth, He went about My business, part of which was taking care of My chosen ones and keeping evil away from them, and sometimes, having to watch them learn the consequences of their sinful actions.

But then, as now, I make ALL things good and bad, work together for good to those who have chosen to accept Me and Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of death on the cross.

You are worried today about something? Don’t be, beloved. It has already been taken care of. Let Me hear your laughter as I ease the burden off your shoulders!

Oh, how I love you, dear one. How I love you!

October 15

My child, I long to give you My peace. I need you to let go of your fears and place them in My hands. You must trust that I love you more than anyone can and that I am taking care of you in every way.

The answers may not seem like I am with you, taking care of you. But I know the end from the beginning and I have a purpose for everything in your life. Absolutely everything.

You must learn to let go and trust.

Bring it all to Me in prayer and petition. Your requests are always before Me.

Have peace in Me, beloved one. You are My chosen child and I will never let you go.

October 14

Feel the breeze on your face as I reach out to touch you. Imagine My presence right beside you. All your fears and concerns of the day should melt away.

I am not only near you now, but I will be near you all day and all night if you don’t push Me away. Let your worries float away and rest in the peace and joy of My presence.

What is so all-consuming to you that fills you with worry? How important is it? Don’t you know that the God of the entire universe is sitting beside you now, asking you to let Him take care of you?

Do not fear today of the future, beloved one. I have chosen you to love and protect, and one day, to take to heaven where we will be together face to face,

Reach your hand out and take Mine. The power you will receive is real. 

Let the peace of our connection guide you through the day.

October 13

O precious child of Mine, you are the rising of the sun to Me, the joy of My days. From the time you awake until you go to sleep, I take great pride in watching you, seeing your progress, noting the little things that you say or do to bring a light to others.

Yes, I get very sad when you sin….when I see the small missteps that draw you away from Me.

But when you come and bow your knee, seeking My forgiveness, presence and grace, all Heaven rejoices. My beloved child is not only back, but wants to enter into a closer relationship with Me!

Let My peace flow over you today as you face your challenges. Know I am always with you and that I watch you with pride and unexplainable love.  

Go, My child, into the day.

October 12

Oh, how deep, how long, how wide, is My love for you! If I picked you up and put you in the chasm of My love, you would feel like you would be lost forever!  

Envision that for a moment. You are there in that huge chasm but it is not frightening because it is love. You are feeling that love, sensing a presence of it yet you are not lost.  You are only lost in My love.

Are you beginning to understand a little of how I love you? Earthly love cannot even compare to heavenly love. It is entirely different because earthly love is a feeling.  Heavenly love is a Being. 

Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I ARE love.

When you are with us in Heaven, the joy in your chest will be like no other feeling you have ever experienced….the incredible lightness of being, from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes.

I wish to share all this with you but I can not yet. Just trust in me to be with you.  

Slowly you will learn, one step at a time, the incredible lightness of being one with Me.

October 11

Let Me hold you tightly in My arms this morning, beloved one, then you will have the memory of My presence go with you through the day.

Filter out all negative thoughts. Make them disappear by focusing on Me, your assurance of love and salvation.

Perhaps today will be different than you had planned it so carefully, but it’s not different than I had it so carefully planned! 

Such worries you have in the world! Are they really necessary? They only serve to upset you and others who depend on you, and it disturbs your health.

Learn to fully put your day in My hands. Turn it over to Me. Let Me guide your every step.  

How futile the plans of man! They run hither and fro in their important busyness. Too busy to reach out to someone in need, or to comfort their child.  

What happiness does all this busyness bring?

True joy will be found in time spent with Me and from that, through taking the outstretched hand of a hurting child, through calling a lonely friend, through visiting the sick.

Live your life for Me, dear one. I have “busyness” mastered. Find contentment and peace.  

I am here….waiting for you.