July 29

My precious child, I am here….around you, beside you, in you. You never need to be afraid. 

Cast all your cares on Me, because I love you and I will always take care of you.                                             

My peace I give you, My peace I leave with you. In the world you will find no peace, but have joy, for I have overcome the world.

What does that mean to you? It means that every step you take, I am there. I have everything planned for you.  

You will not fall. I will catch you.

You wish I would tell you what  will happen in your future, but that is not My way. My way is to have you learn to place your trust in Me. If I told you what was going to unfold, you would not grow and learn. 

Just trust, dear one. I have said it before over and over. It is the greatest lesson.  

Just trust. In My time you will understand. 

Go into this day thinking of Me often, calling out to Me. I am with you. 


July 28

Bless others and I will bless you. Watch and see how I will work.  

Take one step at a time. I AM WITH YOU. Learn to sense My presence. Think of Me as often as you can. 

Call out to Me. I can hear you.  

It is My greatest joy to commune with you.

Go out and face the day with strength.  Open your heart and mind to My truth. My Word is truth.  

Let the words of the Bible encourage and guide you. It is My direct message to all who will listen.

Rise up in strength, dear one. Your prayers have been answered. I am with you now and always.  

Rest in Me. Trust in Me. You are My most precious child.

Smile, beloved.  My peace remains. Go in My love and peace…and smile.

July 27

Child, I know your pain. I am with you, now and always, at every step of the way.

Whenever you put your foot down, I am walking with you.  

Believe in My words, beloved.


I promise.

You must believe in My promises. I have great things in store for you. Take each day just as it comes. I will raise you up time after time. Only I know how and when.  

Keep these words in your heart.

Put your hand in mine and together we will walk through this. Open up your heart and mind. Let me guide and direct you.

July 26

I know you are troubled this morning, dear child. I have My hand on everything in your life.  We will take it one step at a time. You may trust fully in Me for the answers. I will take care of you.

If there is a time to trust in Me, it is now.

There are powerful enemies all around you but I have protected you. You will know the answers in time.  

It is just important for you to trust Me and to let Me handle it all.  

Keep your eyes focused on Me, your heavenly Father. You are not alone in this world. I love you as only a true Father can.  Put your hand in mine and we will walk together through this.

II Corinthians 1:20  says, “For no matter how many promises I have made, they are “yes” in Christ.”

That should assure you that the promises I made to My people now include you, as you were officially “adopted” through Christ. I promised over and over to take care of them if they would just love and follow Me.  

I have never stopped loving them, or you, My precious child. Put your hand in Mine and we will walk together through this.

You are never alone for I am always with you.

July 25

I am with you, dear child. You don’t know or understand My purposes for you, but just wait upon Me. 

I am answering your prayers, beloved. I know you are scared. Just love and trust Me. I am always with you. 

In time, you will know all the answers. You see things very differently than I do. 

Just trust.

Put your hand in Mine. Together we will walk this road. You are always with Me and I am always with you.  


I have everything in My hands.

Dear child of Mine, I long to hold you. When you get to heaven, you will sit at my feet and I will tell you stories of others before you. Brave men and women who walked this earth, always by My side. I’m calling you to do that, too, here on earth.

Sometimes it is good to just let go and see where I will take you. A new adventure.  

Are you ready? Let go and come along with Me! Letting go totally is the first step.  

Are you ready?  Here we go!

An adventure, beloved.  An adventure!  

July 24

Think of life as an adventure.

I have plans for you. You are My beloved child. You may always trust Me because no matter what happens I will always have your best interest at heart.

What is coming up will not be easy but I have promised you that I will always be with you.  We will get through this together.

I am not going to tell you what is in your future. Remember, “life is an adventure”? Okay.  Hang on to Me as we fly through the air. Hang on tight because much will be learned that you can share with others.

Today, rest in Me. I am taking care of things.

July 23

In time, My time, all will be fulfilled. Trust in Me.

I want to put My arms around you and take care of you. I am doing that now, but you are fighting Me, and you can’t feel it or sense it. 

Everything happens for a purpose, dear one.   In time, we will live together in Heaven. I want you to think about that wonderful reality.           

You need to learn to let go and trust Me because I will not let you down. 

If you think you are alone in this, you are not. You must not give up, because I am guiding you. This is my plan.  

I need you to be close to Me. I will direct your pathway. If ever you doubt, you put us back several steps. 

I want you to depend entirely on Me. I will never let you go.  

I don’t just feel love, I AM love.

Now, go minister to others for Me. I am with you.

July 22

Just by bringing Me up in your thoughts often during the day, resting your head with thoughts of Me, I will draw close to you and comfort you.  

You will learn to sense My presence.

Don’t worry about those of the world who question My love and purpose. They have issues only I can handle. They will come to understand one day. Just focus on your love for Me. I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

Trust in Me. I have given you a dream to fulfill for My purpose, that I may be glorified in Christ Jesus. Follow and I will lead.  

Just remember I AM WITH YOU!

Think of Me today, beloved, always. You will be blessed.

July 21

I will be with you today, dear child. You are the love of My life, and I have always loved and cherished you, since you were a baby, before you were born. I will never leave you or forsake you.  

Trust in Me. I will guide you through this day.  

You know I love you and can feel that I have always been there. There is so much I want to tell you if you will just listen to Me.

Put your hand in Mine. Never let go.

Every day is a new adventure if you follow Me. I will lead you to paths filled with love and light. There is no greater joy than serving Me on this earth. 

I made you to love and serve Me. When you do, you will know true happiness because I spend every moment loving and serving you, always watching over you through all the trials and tribulations of this earth.

Every day will be new. Every path will be new.

Are you ready? Just hold my hand and together we will climb. Every day you will climb a little closer to Me.

July 20

Listen to Me, beloved. You are precious to Me. I love and adore you. I have plans for you that you don’t know of. 

Put your trust in Me and I will guide you. You think I am not taking care of you now, but I am.

“Oh, my problems!”, you say in your mind. Yes, I know they are there. I will take care of them. Don’t worry. I want you to know My mission for you directly.  

Trust in Me. I will direct your path.

Whenever you fear, call out My Name. I am still with you. You are not with Me but I am with you always. Do not fear or leave the vision I am giving you.

I am with you, even unto the ends of the earth. Know that. Dwell on that.  

Abide in Me, and I will abide in you