October 06

I am here with you, child. Even though you can’t see Me now, you must believe it by faith. I am more alive and real in your life than anything else.

You can access Me at any time. Yes, I could have you feel Me and see Me, but in this world you must have faith. I am asking you to live by that faith now.

Your desires of growing closer to Me will be fulfilled. I have anointed you with the Holy Spirit Who lives in you.  

Please do not be sad, beloved, for you are My chosen one and what is in the dark will become clear very soon. It may be different than you thought, but it will be even better than you had imagined.  

You have a hard time seeing that as you hang on to what you know, what is comfortable to you…what makes earthly sense to you, but I have so much more waiting for you. Just let go and trust Me.

One day you will understand. One day you will know.

Ephesians 2:8 The Passion Translation:

“For by grace you have been saved by faith. Nothing you did could ever earn this salvation, for it was the love gift from God that brought us to Christ!”

October 05

Beloved one, you are coming to Me in pain this morning. How I long to encircle you with My arms! Don’t you know I have everything in your life in the palm of My hand? Just lean on Me, and trust Me to take care of you.

You are looking for guidance. You want to know answers. I will give you those answers if you wait upon Me. You will know.  

Come to Me in quiet, and place your requests and questions before Me. I will tell you the answer when I know you are ready for it.

Everything you are going through now is a very important journey that I mapped out for you long ago. It has moved up and down as your connection with Me went in and out, but I knew all this would happen, and we are still on course.

Don’t be so worried about a situation you think is horrendous. To Me it is only a blip, and I will be right beside you.

Just trust Me and rejoice. Besides, tomorrow will have enough problems of it’s own….. more new things for you to learn on your journey.

Take one day at a time, beloved. I am with you each step of the way!!    

1 Peter 5:7 The Passion Translation:

“Pour out all your worries and stress upon Him and leave them there, for He always tenderly cares for you.”

October 04

Let Me fill you with My love and holiness this morning, providing you with the grace you need for today.

You have so many questions, dear one. Learn to bring them to Me. Put them down at My feet and just let them go. The burdens you are carrying with them will ease and you will find true peace.

But it is a daily practice of laying them down at My feet that is so necessary. The devil will try to overwhelm you by bringing them up in your mind again. Give them to Me, dear one.  

“Let not your heart be troubled.” “Come to Me all that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Jesus said that over 2000 years ago, yet is is so hard for you to let go.

Find true peace in this gift.

Focus on Me. I will  always take care of you and the burdens that you carry.

“Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world!!”

John 14:1 The Passion Translation:

““Don’t worry or surrender to your fear. For you’ve believed in God, now trust and believe in Me also.” 

Matthew 11:28 The Passion Translation:

““Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Come to Me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis.” 

John 16:13 The Passion Translation:

“But when the truth-giving Spirit comes, He will unveil the reality of every truth within you. He won’t speak on His own, but only what He hears from the Father, and He will reveal prophetically to you what is to come.” 

October 03

Remember the joy when you first realized My love for you? You were so excited. You had longed to be truly loved, and felt it for the first time. I had to wait until just the right moment to reveal it to you as you wouldn’t have understood it before

But now you understand a little, and I will be revealing more and more to you as we grow together.

Come and walk with Me. Hold My hand and let Me guide you through the day, protecting you and caring for you.

The road is glorious ahead. Every step you take with Me will prepare you for it. 

This is not your permanent home. The place I have prepared for you is wondrous, indeed. We will truly be together there, seeing each other face to face. No more darkness. No more pain.

Hold My hand tightly, beloved. We will walk together, bathed in My love.

John 15:9-11 The Passion Translation:

““I love each of you with the same love that the Father loves me. You must continually let My love nourish your hearts. If you keep My commands, you will live in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commands, for I continually live nourished and empowered by His love. My purpose for telling you these things is so that the joy that I experience will fill your hearts with overflowing gladness!”

October 02

I am waiting for you, dear one. Waiting for you to take My hand and let Me lead you to a place you have never been before, a place of such beauty, you will never want to return.  

Why do you hesitate? Do you really trust Me? Will you go to with Me to the next level? A level of intimacy with Me that will change your life forever?

Keep talking to Me, praying and praising. I will fill your life with My presence. You will feel Me all around you, loving and protecting you.

Don’t be afraid, dear one. Just take My hand and walk with Me, seeking always to draw nearer to Me.

I will answer your prayers. You will never want to return to the life you had before after you experience a deeper, more personal relationship with Me.

Psalms 37:5-6 The Passion Translation:

“Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust Him along the way, you’ll find He pulled it off perfectly! He will appear as your righteousness, as sure as the dawning of a new day. He will manifest as your justice, as sure and strong as the noonday sun.”

October 01

I have blessed you with love, dear one. You don’t have to look far to know that. It is all around you in everything I made, in the rocks, in the birds, in the mountains, in the trees.

I gave you love to share with others. Not just family, but with those who are lonely, or are hurting.  

Be My ambassador of love so that through you they may see Me. Let love and light surround you today.  

The knowledge of My nearness to you should put you in peace if you accept it. 

Share it with others. Be a shining presence. Imagine it. Let My love so pervade your being that the joy of it shines through. Let there be “something different” about you.

Go into this day bathed in knowledge of My love and care for you. Reach out to others. They need to know.

Philippians 1:9, 11 The Passion Translation:

“I continue to pray for your love to grow and increase beyond measure, bringing you into the rich revelation of spiritual insight in all things. And you will be filled completely with the fruits of righteousness that are found in Jesus, the Anointed One—bringing great praise and glory to God!”

September 30

Let Me fill your soul this morning with the good news of salvation!  Yes, you have heard it before. The day is drawing near when I will welcome you into Heaven with Me. The whole earth was created to accomplish this purpose, to show how good triumphs over evil. And soon Jesus will come again to draw you up to Me so we can rejoice together!

How I long for that day! For the pain and suffering in this world to stop! For all My chosen ones to see Me face to face.

What joy there will be throughout the kingdom! All the preparations here have been made and we are waiting until the chosen day when it will all be over.

Until that time, when Jesus returns, or until I call you home privately, draw near to Me.  Learn to listen to My urgings. Let Me keep you close and guide you safely through your time here.

I can’t help but be heartened, beloved, for our time is near. Be joyful today in the knowledge of your salvation through Jesus’ death on the cross!

Mark 1:15 The Passion Translation:

“At last the fulfillment of the age has come! It is time for God’s kingdom to be experienced in its fullness! Turn your lives back to God and put your trust in the hope-filled gospel!”

September 29

How precious you are to Me, dear child. How I love our time together!  

Did I awaken you this morning and encourage you to spend this time with Me? I want to draw so close to you, but the only way you can learn of Me is by choosing to spend this time with Me.

Don’t get drawn in by the distractions of the world. That is why I ask you to come to Me first thing, before your day starts.

Satan is very intimidated by our time together. If you wait, and try to fit it in later, he will see to it that your day is way too busy. He knows that when you come to Me, I will give you My shield of protection covering you with love, and that it will help you to listen and obey Me, and to think of Me throughout the day. Our morning time together gives you the strength to face anything he throws at you.

Come and let Me draw you into My arms, dear one. Let Me surround you with My love.  Lay your head upon My chest. Close your eyes and know I am here, and I am real, and know that there is no other love like this anywhere on this earth.

Go out into the day now, armed with My presence. Abide in My love and joy.

Psalms 143:8 The Passion Translation:

“Let the dawning day bring me revelation of Your tender, unfailing love. Give me light for my path and teach me, for I trust in You.”

September 28

Child, the road I am asking you to walk with Me on is only for you. Don’t look at others’ walk. I have created you and prepared you for this time.

Do not think you are walking alone, for I am always beside you. Not only have I given you this vision, I have equipped you for it. You have every tool you need to march forward.

Don’t be discouraged when the way looks impossible. Absolutely NOTHING is impossible with Me.  

You will fulfill that vision if you take My hand. I will never forsake you or let you down.  

He Who loves you more than you will ever understand is right beside you, equipping you.

Take My hand, beloved one.  

Psalms 48:14 The Passion Translation:

“Yes, this is our God, our great God forever. He will lead us onward until the end, through all time, beyond death, and into eternity!”

September 27

You bring your requests to Me in Jesus’ name. Do you know how precious that is to Me?  My very existence is tied to love for My beloved Son. I want Him to be worshipped and glorified.

He has always been with Me. We knew even before Eve took the first bite of the forbidden apple that Jesus would have to go down to earth. There was a part of us that wanted Him to go and experience everything through the eyes of the humans We had created, but there was a larger part of Us that dreaded the horrible pain He would go through, the rejection, total humiliation from those We created and loved.  

And then the awful separation as I withdrew and let Him die, so alone and in so much pain, bearing the weight of the world’s sin on His beautiful shoulders.

So, when you come to Me in prayer and close the prayer, “In Jesus’ Name”, a thousand electric bolts go through the air as what you have said has special significance or special delivery.

“In Jesus’ Name”…how precious to hear. How wonderful that you, My beloved, chosen child, would come to Me in the Name of the Most precious being in the universe.

“In Jesus’ Name”. I have afforded that statement all the power in the world.  

And to you, My child, I have given that power, through Jesus…….in Jesus’ Name.

John 15:16 New King James Version:

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.”