September 24

Ever wonder where a butterfly comes from, or how there are so many different ones, with brilliant patterns and colors splashed on their wings? We had fun creating them, hoping you would take time to notice and appreciate their unusual beauty.

So much of creation is a reminder of Who I am, and how much I love you.

Have you ever noticed the spots on a jaguar, the brilliant colors of tropical fish? The earth is teeming with creatures too beautiful to have “evolved”! They were created for you, to bring your mind to Me.  

Even if someone never has the ability to get close to a Bible, they can find Me through nature. Take time to study it. Go to places where you can experience it first hand.

When you do, you are drawing out of the busyness of the world and taking time to refresh your love and gratitude for Me.

Nature sings praises to Me all the time. Join them in their festive songs, and draw ever closer to the Lover of your soul.

September 23

Close your eyes and envision My presence. Let Me enfold you into My loving arms where you will find true peace and joy.

Don’t search for these gifts in the world. You will not find them there.

Today, I am asking you to take a step of faith, to step out towards the vision I am giving you. Don’t falter or look down. Your strength and direction come from on high.

You are not alone on this journey, for I am ever with you. Whatever obstacles rise up before you can be conquered through Me.

I have given you a purpose for your life, dear one. It is a high calling. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. 

If I chose to show you the end from the beginning, and you continue to follow Me, you will be astounded at where I led you, but if you followed the way of the world, the sight you see will be sad indeed.

Someday we will look at your life together. Take My hand, dear one. Let Me take you into uncharted territory, to the most intimate walk with Me. 

Let your legacy be: “you walked with God.”

September 22

Oh, how the heavens are available to help you each and every day!! What does that mean? All heaven stands ready to come to your aid if you but ask. 

Call in the troops! Bring your requests to Us. Nothing is too big or too small for Us.

I want to have this power displayed on earth, but few today sincerely ask for it and believe that it is possible.

The Bible is full of stories of men and women who believed in Me and acted on it. I was with them, just as I am with you.

I have a mission for you to fulfill. It may be right in your back yard, or it may be in a far away country. You know or are discovering the plan I have for you.

Don’t ever give up, no matter your age. I will not be done working in you and through you until your dying breath!

What joy as we reach up to the stars in our quest. You see, I have great joy as well, for I will be beside you all the way, urging you on, slowly unveiling the fullness of My dream to you each step you take in faith.

I am so pleased with you, My child. Believe that, and trust in Me.

September 21

Are you sad this morning? Do your troubles seem overwhelming?

They are not. Nothing is, when you stay connected to Me, allowing Me to help you.

There is always hope. Never let yourself give up on the dream or the passion that I gave you, and never give up on the person for whom you have been praying.

There is an answer, dear one.

Perhaps not the easy answer you are seeking, but as your love entwines itself now with Mine, you will learn to wait patiently for My timing and My answers.

For I love you more than you love yourself. I love the one you are praying for more than you can.

So trust in Me, beloved. You have chosen Me and I will work everything out for the best.

Trust in that knowledge.

September 20

I have given you power, dear one, in the Name of My Son, Jesus, to conquer all the evil in this world.  

Power to heal and to help. Power to love and to let go.

Do you use it? Do you call on that power?  

As My child, it is your birthright. Use it to glorify Me. By helping others, I am glorified. By standing strong against the evil one, I am glorified.

Together we can face anything, dear one. You will always be victorious if I am with you.

Take My hand and feel the power that I offer to you. Never go without it.  

Let Me protect you, guide you and keep you in My love, now and always.

September 19

Listen to the cheerful calls of the birds this morning as they sing My praises. You can hear them chatter and trill through the early morning hours. Although they continue through the day, their sounds of praise are muffled by the sounds of the busy world.

Find time to come apart from that world and listen again. Rest your soul by clearing your mind of your problems and focus on Me. Train yourself to listen to the silence.  

Is the wind blowing through the trees? Are the leaves rustling? Can you hear the locusts?  Can you hear the birds?

Are you in a busy city where it is hard to hear? Close your eyes and remember when you were in a place that you were able to. Let the memory of the sounds come alive in your mind.  

Although I am beside you wherever you are, nature is in constant praise of Me, and you will sense My presence more when you surround yourself either in nature, or in the memory of it.

Finding this quiet place and time will arm your soul with peace, a very important shield in your world.

Finally, dear one, do not let the clamors of the world overwhelm you. You are the child of the King.  

Face this day with the knowledge of My love.

September 18

How precious you are to Me, dear one! I look at you with such pride and love.

How with pride, you ask? When you accepted Me and My love through Christ’s death on the cross, and asked forgiveness for your sins, I covered you with His blood. And when I look at you now, I see a pure child, a child whose purity is as white as snow.

So when you come to Me, come with the security of knowing you are no longer covered in sin, even though you may have sinned terribly the day before. When you ask forgiveness for that sin, I throw it away, down deep in the sea, and My lamb remains pure.

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, there are no barriers between us. No past problems, no past sins. I see your face and I long to cup it in My hands and tell you how much your Father loves you.

Believe that, dear one. Know it from the bottom of your heart.  

You and Me. Me and you.

September 17

Child of Mine, as the morning breaks over the mountains, I am thinking of you. You are in My mind now and always. Even when you were asleep, I was watching you. Every moment that goes by I completely surround you with My love and care.

I want you to remember that today when your problems seem overwhelming, and it seems you can’t breathe. Remember Me and My love for you, and how we can walk through, over, under and around anything that comes up. I am your strength.

Did you know you have your own angel? He is also with you. You are well taken care of, beloved. Never fear. I will never let you down,

I am not just helping you through situations on earth, I am guiding you to bigger and better places. The plans I have for you are greater than you can imagine.

I just need you to trust Me and to walk with Me.

Together we will reach the stars.

September 16

Your heart is filled with gratitude this morning as you learn more about Me. I love your thanks and praise…..not just for Me, but because it is good for you.

When you praise Me, it lightens your soul. It promotes health and frees your spirit. Always find time every day to thank Me for the blessings I have bestowed upon you.

Go to your quiet place and make a list of the things you can think of that I have blessed you with. Refer to these every day, and write more down as I enlighten you.

Doing this simple practice will help you be more aware of how closely I watch over you.  You will become more sensitive to it when even little things happen.  

My hand is working in your life, all part of your pathway towards Me, dear one.  

Come, sit at My knee and let Me share My love with you!

September 15

Do I remember you? Yes, beloved, I remember you now and always. You are in My thoughts every moment of your day. Always.

Just when you think something disastrous is going to happen, it all turns out ok. Your understanding of the word disastrous is redefined because with Me you can go through anything. I will never allow it to happen if I know you cannot handle it.

Know that it is always in My hands. Don’t be angry at Me if it doesn’t go the way you planned, or that it didn’t go the way you think it needed to. There is so much you don’t understand now, but one day you will.

Even if something bad happened because you strayed from Me, when you return to the safety of My arms, I will make it all turn out okay.

That’s how much I love you!! I watch over your every move. Trust in Me for the outcomes.  I will always take care of you.