June 19

How do you face the profound sadness of some days? By keeping your mind focused on Me. I am oh so aware of the pain and confusion you feel, the not understanding of why some things happen.

It is hard to make you understand while you are in this world. Just know that someday you will know and see things the way I do. Use this time to let Me fold you into My arms and hold you closely. 

Close your eyes and put your head against My chest. I long to hold you like this until your pain subsides.

When the pain comes back, return to My embrace, drawing strength from My nearness and absolute love for you.

I understand the suffering you are going through, more than you will ever know. When I walked the earth, I loved those around Me, yet My love was rejected, My words and actions were criticized, and I was abandoned and horribly murdered.

Yet, when I rose again, I was able to show love in the face of it all.

The One that has been through it all is here with you now, wanting to love you with an everlasting love. Let Me draw you into My arms so you may feel the strength of it and be able to face another day here.

Take heart. I am here, and I will come again. 

Just for now, rest in My embrace.

June 18

You are scared this morning? Don’t you know I am with you? Close your eyes and sense My presence. Feel My peace drop over you like a blanket.

Today is a sacred day between you and I. It will be the day you remember that I walked with you. You can make it happen. We can be that close. Others crowd around but it is My relationship with you that keeps you focused.

I am the Master of the universe, Maker of Heaven and Earth. Where would you be but for Me?  

Yet I have chosen you, just you, to be with Me.

I long for intimate time with you. Please spend it with Me now. Read My word. Let Me speak to you of past glories and past stories, and over all, My love for you through all existence. It is the written story through all generations, ending with the story of your salvation through My Son, Jesus Christ.

Let’s make our own story. The story of how I walked with you.  

Just you.

I am here, dear one.  I am here.

June 17

All the earth is filled with My glory. From the rising of the sun until it’s setting, My glory shines over all. You have but to open your eyes to see it and to think of Me.  

But you go through life without stopping to praise Me, without stopping to call out My name for your deepest wounds. You go through life as if it were all about you, and making the “mighty” dollar.

Don’t you know I have the whole world in My hand? And that you are My child?  

You are My heir.

Free yourself of the world and come live in My world where you are aware of My love and presence…where you stop to wonder at the beauty of the majestic rose, gaze upon the magnificent mountain, the beautiful stream, and the tiny bird.  

Sense Me. Be aware. 

I am here, there and everywhere. Wherever you are, I AM.

This is the real world. Come and walk with Me in it.

June 16

Oh, child, you are in My embrace this morning. Never doubt and never fear. I am close beside you now and always. 

If you do not always feel My presence, it is because you have allowed the world to push Me away. Television, the internet, loud music: these are just a few of the things that make deeper communion with Me challenging.  

Take time to put Me on in the morning. Allow Me to don the full armor of righteousness, love and joy on you. Wear it with pride. Hold your head up like the child of the King that you are. Together we can face whatever challenges are ahead.  

I hunger for these quiet moments between us where I can infuse you with My love.

Imagine you are hooked up to an IV with healthy blood filling every part of your body.  Come and connect with Me and let Me send through you the infusion of My love to every part of your being.

Imagine how you will feel when My love is coursing through your veins!!

Oh, dear one, so much is available to you if you will but allow it!

Come to Me now.  

June 15

Oh, what a glorious morning on the earth! Amidst all the pain, a new dawn is always new hope…hope for those who truly love and serve Me.

Today is filled with a pocketful of surprises that I have in store for you, ones that will give you joy. Smile and know that I am with you when they happen.  

Take My hand and walk with Me through the day, stopping to praise Me often. A peace will come over you when you do. 

Smile, for you and I will be sharing the deepest moment of togetherness.  You are My beloved child and I long for such communion with you.

The world ahead is full of unrest. The future will not be easy for My children. That is why spending more time in deeper communion with Me is your strength.

Never let go of My hand, for I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU.

June 14

You feel like you have strayed away from Me because you have not been spending deep time with Me. You have been praying, but not taking the time to really come apart and “listen” to My still small voice in your soul.

It is not “straying”, because you are My child, but our relationship suffers when you talk to Me but don’t take the time to listen.

Listen to Me, beloved one. I have My arms around you and I am whispering in your ear.  You are missing so much! What I want to share with you is the joy I feel at having you as My child.  

Let Me infuse your soul with laughter!

Make the decision every morning, and during the worst of times to say “I choose You!”, then carve out some time to come apart with Me to listen and learn.  

The peace inside your soul will be your sign that My presence is strongly with you.

Don’t let the world and it’s busyness cause you to stray. You are Mine and I am yours.  

Come see what that means!

June 13

Dear child, I feel your tension now. Rest in the knowledge of My extreme love for you. It is more, so much more, than you can even begin to understand.

If you fall, I am here beside you, ready to catch you at a moment’s notice.

Close your eyes and rest in Me a moment. You will draw peace from it.  

Breathe in My love and My presence deeply into your soul.

Armed with Me, you can face anything. I have great plans for you if you will let me lead you to them.

Come with Me now into the day. Don’t let go of My hand. When you don’t sense Me, close your eyes and breathe deeply.  

I am here.

June 12

Sometimes things in your daily life seem very difficult, but if you realize that I am ALWAYS beside you, it will be much easier to go through. 

Walk with Me through the sands of time. Travel back through history to stories of how I conquered giants and parted waters and rose people from the dead. The Friend Who walks with you is that same God. 

I am all-powerful and I am all-love.

When you take my hand, an electric current passes through from Me to you, connecting us. 

You have this power, beloved. Let me clothe you early in the day with My protective armor of love and righteousness. I am smiling at My child now because you are allowing Me to care for you. 

Even though I am your ‘Abba,’ I am still the God of the universe. 

You are blessed. Walk with Me today.  

June 11

I am the God of miracles in your life, miracles that will be used to bless others, to touch their lives so they will know of My great love for them. And miracles for you, dear one. Expect them today, knowing I will be there to provide and care for you. 

Just letting go and trusting Me is a gift from Me to you. It may seem hard at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. 

Believe, dear one, that I am with you, for I am. I am beside you, waiting for you to reach out your hand to Me. 

Take it now, for you will never feel such love. 

Close your eyes and reach out and touch Me. I am with you now. 

Your fears will fade when you realize and envision My presence with you. 

Let’s start the day together now. Expect a miracle!

June 10

So many times in this life, My people lose sight of the vision I have given them. Whether from fear or problems, they give up too easily. Keep striving towards the goal I have given you.  

You know what that goal is, from the bottom of your heart. Don’t give it up.  

Let Me hold your hand, keeping you focused and balanced as we accomplish the mission.  

Look neither to the right or to the left. Look only to Me, the source of your strength and your salvation.

Today is a new day with new opportunities I will place in front of you. Don’t be weak, for I have armed you with strong armor if you would just put it on!

How we will rejoice over this time when we see each other face to face!  

Keep going, dear one. Your Beloved is close beside you now.