November 23

Is there any love in this world, you ask?  Does love come down to a feeling?  Is it a choice?

Many times it needs to be a choice. One that, when surrendered to Me, I can make real.

But love was there from the beginning, from before the created world that is within your understanding.

Love was in Heaven.  It ruled the universe.  But there was an unhappy being named Lucifer, now Satan, the devil, who allowed his jealousy to overshadow the love he was surrounded with.  And he plotted against Me, raising up an army of angel followers.  In time I cast them down from heaven and created the earth where the pain and suffering that sin causes is played out.

Jealousy and resentment caused all the pain in this world.  It still does.  Do not let it enter even one corner of your life.  It is a deadly virus that unchecked, can take over your entire being.

Bring all these feelings to Me.  Cast them at My feet and I will carry them for you.

There is no room for jealousy, envy and unforgiveness in My kingdom.  You can see how much suffering has resulted.

Give it to Me, dear child.  I will carry it for you.


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