September 24

Ever wonder where a butterfly comes from, or how there are so many different ones, with brilliant patterns and colors splashed on their wings?  We had fun creating them, hoping you would take time to notice and appreciate their unusual beauty.

So much of creation is a reminder of Who I am, and how much I love you.

Have you ever noticed the spots on a jaguar, the brilliant colors of tropical fish?  The earth is teeming with creatures too beautiful to have “evolved”!  They were created for you, to bring your mind to Me.  Even if someone never has the ability to get close to a Bible, they can find Me through nature.

Take time to study it.  Go to places where you can experience it first hand.

When you do, you are drawing out of the busyness of the world and taking time to refresh your love and gratitude for Me.

Nature sings praises to Me all the time.  Join them in their festive songs, and draw ever closer to the Lover of your soul.


One thought on “September 24

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Our marvelous Creator made so much beauty for us! The butterfly is one I’ve never seen with its gorgeous colors.

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