August 18

Out of the recesses of your mind, come thoughts that make you wonder where they came from.  Surprisingly ill thoughts towards others.  A momentary guilt washes over you as you correct them.

Where did they come from, you ask?  They come from the evil one himself.  The one cast out of heaven so long ago.  He parades this earth hoping to take captive those who do not ally themselves with Me.

Those he captures are not just the weak ones.  They are strong leaders of nations, of large corporations, all the way down to the lonely person on the street.

Your connection with Me enables you to push those evil thoughts (and Satan himself!) right out of your mind.  As time goes on, he will try harder and harder to collect those nearest to Me.  Stay close, dear one, for with Me you will have protection and love.  Remember I have already defeated him, and he is just desperate to have as many people as possible go with him through the gates of hell.

You have all the power you need to overcome whatever he puts in front of you.  He is very real, dear one.  Don’t ever let go of our connection.  Keep your eyes on Me and you will find true joy!


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