April 19

Do you hear the songs of angels?  They are all around you, ministering spirits sent to care for My beloved ones.

There is a whole world just outside your senses.  Evil is being played out against good.  

The world you see is filled with pain and suffering.  What you can’t see are the angels helping those who cry out, who are in tears themselves at the horrors they see.

The devil is running amok, desperately trying to get as many people as he can to join his side before his rule here ends.  You see his anger and frustration played out as thousands are lost in disasters.

What you can’t see are My ministering angels covering those people with love as their souls are put to rest.

And yet there is so much joy around, too.  The joy of a newborn coming into the world,  joy of a newfound love, of a recovered illness and many, many more joys so numerous to mention it would take a book.

It is easy to see what is of Me and what is of the evil one.  Stay close, dear one.  Don’t ever let him get between us. Stay in My protection and care.  Just know the angels are all around you singing songs of praise to Me.


2 thoughts on “April 19

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Praise God for His angels that protect and guide us! My mother’s eyes were opened before she died in CCU after a heart attack to see her angel. It was in answer to my prayer that she be comforted by her angel. During the night my sister and her adult daughter were by Mom’s bedside and saw her previously swollen eyes wide open and shining with a brilliant supernatural light. And she kept pointing to the foot of her bed. She was on a ventilator via an endotrachial tube, so couldn’t speak. But we know without a doubt God allowed her to see her guardian angel as a comfort before she died. It was of great comfort to us,too.

    1. Morning Meditations From Your Abba Father

      Thank is a WONDERFUL story!! Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m so happy that your mother was able to see her angel before she passed!! How encouraging and comforting for those left behind. Amen

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