December 23

Rejoice, dear child of Mine, for you have been chosen to deliver My message of love and righteousness to others.
Me, you ask? Yes, you. With Me at your side, you are a mighty warrior and I will provide you with words and timing.
I’m not talking about standing on the street corners. I have others to do that. I am talking about touching the lives of those you come in contact with on a daily basis. Not preaching to them about hell and damnation, but gently sharing the story of My love: the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His life and death for them, His resurrection that gives hope to all mankind who will accept it’s truth into their lives.
You can share this truth, loved one, because it has grown real in your life: I have grown real in your life. Let others know that they, too, may have an intimate walk with Me.
I will give you just the right words at the right time. Stay close, dear one. Our journey has just begun!






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