February 12

Why are you waiting to do that which I have already encouraged and guided you to do?  Do not wait until everyone agrees with you.  If I have already impressed you that way, the time is right.
Stay in My love.  Listen closely to the still small voice in your mind.  You will know if it is Me talking to you, or the evil one trying to destroy you and the work I have for you by our relationship and by how much time you spend in the Word, in prayer and in communion with Me.

Listen, beloved, listen.

I am the Light that guides your path.  You may think you don’t know the way, but you will if you are listening to Me. Come apart from the distractions of your life, to our quiet place and seek My presence, My answers and My guidance.  

If you still can’t sense it, fast and pray more.  For I am there, dear one.  I am ALWAYS with you.  

The deeper you get with Me, the more you will sense it.









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